Who We Are

We service the community by helping redirect our clients and aid them in
rehabilitation. Our clients are your neighbors, employees, co-workers, friends, students and possibly members of your family including your children. BCP assists through rehabilitation, which reduces crime in our community, decreases victimization, and lessens the burden on our law enforcement, jails, and courts.  

We take the time to help our adult clients get connected with ignition interlock systems to have safer drivers; direct them in completing a high school equivalent education; find jobs; guide them in seeking medical, mental and substance abuse assistance; and we try to provide encouragement and build character. We are also a source of information for other programs available in our community. We take pride in how we can help our clients and our community to be a better and safer environment for Boone's residents and their families.

We have adult supervisors for our juvenile court clients with ordered community service. This is a great way for youth to pay back the community through their service. Some jobs include picking up garbage, raking leaves, weeding gardens, and cleaning at non-profit businesses. Some youth do not have experience in doing these tasks. Our supervisors help to mentor youth in basic job skills. Along with community service, we provide activities through games, movies and worksheets to teach youth about substance abuse, decision making, anger, stress and other important issues. We aim to educate them on how to make better life choices and teach socially acceptable behaviors and discuss emotions.

These services are a great option for our clients instead of receiving a fine and/or a jail sentence with little or no rehabilitative effort and no supervision. Through our programs and guidance, these efforts can reduce the chance of clients being repeat offenders and provide a safer family environment.

We are located within the city limits of Boone, Iowa but serve all of Boone County and surrounding area.  

Boone County Probation
105 S. Marshall St., Suite A, Boone, IA 50036
BCP Phone: 515-432-7995
Fax: 515-432-4213

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